Multi-skilled engineer, philosopher & entrepreneur

Paradise on Earth is possible. Within 15 years.
My aim is to create projects, companies and collaborations that are working examples of the world that I envision:
A world wherein people experience a connection to their place, self, nature and others;
Wherein people are masters of their time; And energy, food and information are abundant (and, free).
At the end, I like to see people enjoying.

I'm currently working as Strategist & Impact producer for the Climate Cleanup Foundation.
I work with people; start-ups, artists, researchers, students and multinationals;
Shaping solutions on the cutting edge of technology, ecology and business.
Some say I am a hybrid, a kind of generalist that can easily adapt to specialistic situations.
Trained as business engineer & holistic thinker.
I like connecting different kinds of people, bringing together ideology & practical experience.
Passionate about regenerative business models and distributed practices, complexity sciences, plants, and owls.